Marius Josephus Jitta

Of counsel

In view of the length and width of his corporate litigation experience, Marius is the walking legal encyclopedia and consciousness of our firm. He has an extensive experience in M&A related board room counseling for both public and private companies (being either the bidder/purchaser, the seller or the target) and strategically advising companies in financial distress. In addition he is a highly regarded arbitrator. Marius served as the chair of the committee on company law, a joint committee of the Dutch Bar Association and the Royal Association of Dutch public notaries. Marius also was a member of the Commitee on financial reporting which is an advisory body of the Dutch Financial Regulator. Marius regularly publishes on issues of corporate law. Marius was admitted to the Dutch Bar in 1973 and spent 43 years of his career with a major Dutch law firm.

In college in the United States, Marius was asked whether part of his family name could be categorised as first name in view of its administrative handling. Consequently, he went through life as Joe.


Dutch, English and German