Quirijn Bongaerts


With a background as an M&A lawyer and having practiced in-house at Europe’s most litigious investor association, (Q)uirijn intimately knows the intricacies and politics of securities litigation and inquiry proceedings before the Amsterdam Enterprise Chamber. He represents clients in fraud-related securities litigation and consumer mass claims.

Prior to joining Birkway, he set up his own litigation boutique in 2017 where he was involved in some of the highest profile mass claim cases in Europe. In addition, he is a well-recognised sparring partner in his field and a trusted adviser for third-party funders and foreign law firms. Quirijn studied law and history at Leiden University and was admitted to the Bar in 2009.

‘Quirijn’ is a Dutch male name that dates back to the 15th century. Since it is unpronounceable for non-Dutch speakers, we simply call him Q (in a somewhat mysterious James Bond-type fashion).


Dutch, English and German