The Vacancy Page


What types of candidate
are we looking for?

  • Associates with 3+ years of working experience and admitted to the Dutch Bar
  • Paralegals
  • Enthusiasts with an international outlook
  • People with proficiency in English and Dutch
    (At the very least)

Why are we

To strengthen our team in our rapidly expanding dispute resolution practice covering the areas of: general commercial, competition, securities, consumer, financial and data breach cases

Why choose

How should
you apply?

Individually, or as a team, by sending an email (in English or Dutch) setting out your plans, aspirations and motivation (200 words) and a CV or a vlog (8 min max). Please direct this to

If you apply as a team please make sure to include an explanation as to why you believe you are a great team, how you work together and why it would be a good fit for us.